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Reducing the risk of COVID-19


We are keeping our patients and staff safe with the below COVID-19 requirements:

  • Patients with respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat and fever will be advised to do a COVID-19 test and offered a Telehealth appointment.

  • If a physical assessment for these patients is needed, it will only be offered by the doctor if a COVID-19 negative result is back and by a "car park consult" using full PPE (personal protective equipment).

  • If you have COVID-19, we encourage you to book a Telehealth appointment as your GP may be able to provide treatment such as anti virals, inhalers & supportive management.

  • Only the patient who's seeing the doctor is allowed in the consult room, unless this is a child, then a carer is allowed also.

  • Consult time is limited to 15 minutes to reduce the chance of the spread of illness

  • Long consults where needed (such as Mental Health Care Plans), Telehealth will be used in most cases if appropriate

  • Your GP will encourage you to keep up to date with your COVID vaccines.

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