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Registered Nurse Judy Joseph


Nurse Judy Joseph is the wife of Dr. Michael Joseph and mother to both Dr. Brianna Joseph and Dylan Joseph. She has worked hard over the years to help build and establish Blacksmiths Family Medical Practice alongside her husband, offering guidance in both the roles of a Registered Nurse and Practice Manager.


Nurse Judy has been a registered nurse since 1979 and has been lucky enough to work in the practice from the day our doors first opened.


Nurse Judy has always been a critical component of Blacksmiths Family Medical Practice, offering support for her patients throughout their recovery. Her extensive clinical knowledge has been vital in helping patients understand various treatment options as well as providing sound advice throughout their care.


Over the years, she has taken a special interest in Paediatric patients, assisting them through medical procedures such as vaccinations and blood tests. Her unique approach has always been well received, in fact, we hear if you ask nicely, she may reward you with a chocolate or two from her treasure chest!

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