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Nursing Services ​

At Blacksmiths Family Medical practice, we have a team of highly skilled, professional nursing staff who are available to assist our patients throughout their health journey.


Our nurses are a crucial part of what makes our practice effective for you. They bring with them an abundance of knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of medicine including Paediatrics, Gynaecological Oncology, and Surgical care. Having this service available means we can approach your care in a more holistic manner thus increasing the likelihood of better health outcomes for you.


Our nurses work hand-in-hand with our Doctors to ensure we deliver the best possible care we can. They are often the first point of call for immunisations, children healths checks, wound care as well as any emergency cases that come into our practice. 


Our nursing staff not only treat patients but also act as an invaluable source of information. If you are unable to see a Doctor, our reception staff will be more than happy to refer you onto one of our friendly nurses to help provide answers to any queries you may have about your health. Having this team readily available means you will always speak to a health professional and receive the most appropriate advice relating to your circumstances. 


For the convenience of our patients, our nurses also assist with patient results. Not only can you talk to a nurse directly over the phone to receive results, but they will also contact you regarding abnormal results and will advise with appropriate follow-up instructions.


Patients of the practice can call anytime to speak to our friendly nursing staff especially in regards to diabetic health checks and over 75's health assessments. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of care we deliver. If you are interested in our nursing services and what they can provide for you, please contact reception.

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