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Telehealth Consults

We are using Telehealth for all patients with respiratory illness including current COVID infection, those who are contacts of a case and for select other medical issues. 

For those with access to camera and microphone/speakers, including smartphones and webcams attached to their home computers, Telehealth with video will be used via Zoom.

If a patient cannot access the above, we can offer telephone consults.

Existing patients of the practice can book Telehealth with Dr Brianna Joseph online via HotDoc right now- click here

Requests for medical certificates, prescriptions and referrals can be readily provided by email or fax. 

Telehealth is for ONE - TWO issues per consult. 

Your doctor may use Telehealth to provide you results or if appropriate, for a follow up of an existing medical issue. This will be at the doctors discretion.

The same fee structure that applies to face-to-face consults, applies also to Telehealth. This will be payable on completion of the Telehealth consult.

A medicare rebate is available for exisiting patients who have been seen face to face in the last 12 months. This is a Medicare rule. 

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How to prepare for your Zoom Telehealth appointments 

  • Call (02) 4971 4044 to book an appointment as usual with your preferred doctor or if you are a patient of the practice you can book with Dr Brianna Joseph using HotDoc- click here now

  • The staff will confirm your email if we have not emailed you before as this email will be where your Telehealth invite will be sent.

  • If you are using a smartphone – you will be asked to download the app “Zoom”, the free web-based video conferencing application – and create a free account with Zoom. We suggest doing this anyway to stream line the process if required.

  • If you are using a computer with video capability and microphone/speakers, you need to be able to access email. You can visit to create an account before your appointment.

  • Using your phone or computer on broadband internet will work better than your phones’ roaming internet – either way you will need internet capabilities to use telehealth.

  • You will be sent an email from the practice at the time of your appointment – with an invite to join the “meeting”.

  • Click on this link.

  • On your phone it will open the Zoom app automatically and you should be connected

  • On your computer it will ask your permission to run a program which is the Zoom program, if you approve this it should connect within 30-60 seconds.

  • Your video and audio should automatically connect and you are ready for your consult with your doctor.

Tips to get the most out of Telehealth

  • The elderly or less “tech-savvy” patients, may need relatives or friends to lend them equipment (smart phones, tablets, web cams etc).

  • We can use the telephone but video telehealth means the doctors can examine patients as well as speak to them – this is preferable in providing the best care.

  • Families should try to pool together medical equipment such as thermometers, blood pressure machines and oxygen saturation probes – if available.

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