Telehealth consults – from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice  

In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Blacksmiths Family Medical practice is introducing new ways to assist our patients without jeopardising the health of others.


From Monday the 23rd of March, Blacksmiths Family Medical Practice will be offering a consult with your doctor using telehealth. Telehealth is already commonly used within the health industry to reach patients who might otherwise find access to medical care difficult (especially in rural areas). With the use of the internet and various technologies, we can still deliver a quality medical service that will help reduce the spread of viruses in the community and in our practice. This service will be offered to ALL existing patients of the practice.


To achieve our goal of providing uninterrupted ongoing support for our patients – we need all patients to be honest when asked questions about symptoms and recent travel. This will contribute to the safety of our doctors and staff so we can continue to deliver urgent care when needed through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Until further notice, we will no longer be seeing any patients WITHIN THE PRACTICE with respiratory symptoms. These symptoms include:


  • Coughs

  • Sore throats

  • Runny noses

  • Shortness of breath


In addition, we will no longer be seeing any patients WITHIN THE PRACTICE (even if they have no respiratory symptoms) with the following symptoms:


  • Fever

  • Aches

  • Chills

  • Sweats

Instead, we will be offering a consult using telehealth or telephone options.


For those with access to camera and microphone/speakers, including smartphones and webcams attached to their home computers, telehealth with video will be used.


If a patient cannot access the above, we can offer telephone consults.


Telehealth technology will allow us to assess if a patient needs to see a doctor in person or if they need to stay home and practice social distancing advice communicated by the Government.


Requests for medical certificates, prescriptions and referrals can be readily provided by email or fax, however, this option is for ONE ISSUE per consult. Multiple issues can be booked over multiple consults. We will continue to do work cover over the phone.