Telehealth Consults

We are using Telehealth for all patients at this current time (COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in place).

For those with access to camera and microphone/speakers, including smartphones and webcams attached to their home computers, Telehealth with video will be used via Zoom.


If a patient cannot access the above, we can offer telephone consults.


Telehealth technology will allow us to assess if a patient needs to see a doctor in person or if they need to stay home and practice social distancing advice communicated by the Government. At the current time that is all patients in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast local government area.


Requests for medical certificates, prescriptions and referrals can be readily provided by email or fax. 

Telehealth is for ONE ISSUE per consult. 

Your doctor may use Telehealth to provide you results or if appropriate, for a follow up of an existing medical issue. This will be at the doctors discretion.

The same fee structure that applies to face-to-face consults, applies also to Telehealth. This will be payable on completion of the Telehealth consult.

A medicare rebate is available for all patients (even new patients) for Telehealth as we are in a COVID-19 impacted area on stay-at-home orders.